Blondes and Brunettes

Både i ut-bunkene og i bordet bygger du med omvendte farger. En Terrace-kabal

Når du er ferdig å spille, er det fint om du gir din stemme på kabalen. 10 er best score.

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Build up from the start card, up and around from King to Ace, and back to the card just below the start card.
You build with alternate colors!


In tableau, build down in value, by alternate colors.
You may only move on a single card.
From the reserve, card can only be moved to the foundation. And only the card that is on top.
Empty columns will be filled with the upper card in the deck, or from the waste pile if deck is empty.
You turn one card each time from the deck and it goes to the waste pile. You may not redeal.

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